Tuesday, December 01, 2009

We Wish You a Merry Wishlist

... just in case you were wondering what on Earth to get me for Christmas. No pressure, there are items in every price range :)

Roller Derby skates, of the girlie kind if you may. Size 7 1/2, sil vous plait?
Canon 940, since my point-at-shoot no longer points or shoots.

A lifelong allowance from Sephora by OPI. If not, just a coupl'a cool colors will do.
Where magic happens. Cheap, but cute magic anyways.

My Nylon Mag subscription will expire in February! OMG!

Chanel, because Syd is in need of a cute sister with a chic name.

This outfit.

Tickets for SXSW! (I'll take care of the RV rental)

Bust Mag subscription? :)

a shiny disco ball for our NYE White Party (basement dancefloor, that is)

a weekend at the Chelsea Hotel is always welcome

not-so-cheap Burberry riding/rain boots <3


Ferr said...

aeeeee. gostei do SWSX!!

Ferr said...

aeeeee. gostei do SWSX!!

MissNeira said...

I agree about the nail colors! would love to get mailed 5 colors a month type of thing haha, love it!