Monday, November 30, 2009

la Blogotheque

Wolfgang Amadeus foi um dos discos que eu mais ouvi esse ano.
o la Blogotheque do Phoenix saí daqui 3 dias. Eu quero.

Friday, November 27, 2009

"dá um follow" na Capricho

O Lucio Ribeiro me pediu ajuda pra indicar os twitters mais legais para as meninas da Capricho seguirem. Listei os que eu leio mesmo, entre amigos, ídolos e revistas. Lógico que não couberam todos que eu queria e gosto.
Minha listinha saiu na última edição da revista, na coluna dele. Olha aí em cima.

O mais legal é que eu ganhei um mooonte de seguidoras fofas agora no meu twitter. : ))

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This blog isn't exactly known for its culinary skills, but that doesn't mean I don't take risks in the kitchen every once in a while. Though I can make some badass desserts and a pretty good Strogonoff, my grandma Laura claims the talent comes with age (she didn't cook at all until she was in her mid-50s - lucky me, right around the time when I was born).

To honor the best cook in my family, I decided to make one of her best and easiest recipes for Thanksgiving dinner at the Collins' this year.

So, for the first time in TWM history, here's the step-by-step recipe for Laura's Ham and Cheese Awesomely Delicious Pie (title given by me):

2 cups white flour
1 egg
5 tablespoons margarine
dash salt
dash sugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl - you may wanna get your hands dirty here. When the dough reaches a firm consistence, spread it evenly on the baking pan. I used one of those pans with a belt on the side (it's easier to move the pie out of it when ready).

not the easiest job to spread the buttery dough all over the pan, but it's worth it

Filling (1):
9 oz. chopped cheddar cheese
9 oz. chopped ham

The cheese and ham can go in the crust at this point.

Filling (2):
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup plain, low fat yogurt
4 eggs

Whisk the cream for a little while until it's a little thicker than au natural. Then add the eggs and yogurt, keep mixing.

When the mixture is ready, pour it in the crust, covering the ham and cheese.

Stick the pan in a pre-heated 400F oven for about 30 mins. The pie will be ready when both the crust and the top are golden.
This is delicious both warm, right off the oven, or cold, like a quiche.

Hope you love it like we all do <3

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: the cute image that illustrates this post was found here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boys in Cowboy Boots Are Hot

Quick post.

Just wanted to defend my recently-bashed theory that boys in cowboy boots are hot (I was *shocked* when I coudn't even find a single pair of those at Urban Outfitters).

Fear not, vintage stores such as
40 South in JP still have tons of cool styles - and assorted colors - for those of you of the male species that agree with me.

So I gathered these guys here to help me out on my new movement, which promotes the southern charm in New England streets.

Thank y'all!

Thank you Ryan

Thank you Ben

Thank you Bob

Thank you cousins

Thank you Johnny

Thank you Gram

Thank you random group of cool dudes on Google Images
Thank you again BK, that's a pretty interesting pose, too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(500) Days of Winter Soundtrack

.. also known as the songs featured in the movie about a girl's journey through New England's freezing days.

1 - Flaming Lips (feat. Karen O) - Watching The Planets
2 - Ben Kweller -
Gypsy Rose
3 - Cold Cave -
Life Magazine
4 - Lady GaGa - Bad Romance (HELLA YEAH!)

5 - The Raveonettes - Last Dance

6 - Beach House -
Norway (and, below, an old video of mine - Gila live at the MFA)
7 - Kurt Vile -
8 - Best Coast - When I'm With You
9 - The XX / Florence and the Machine -
You've Got The Love (you'll find the video a couple of posts below)
10 - Fanfarlo -
The Walls Are Coming Down

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everybody Loves Dolly

I must have been completely out of the loop to miss this.

Dolly Parton's "Jolene" video (one of her best songs ever, ever):

And Lily Allen's "Not Fair" video, previously posted here on TWM:

To prove that the similarities between the videos above aren't just a coincidence, click here, here and here.

Turns out Lily Allen, like me, is a HUGE Dolly Parton fan! HOORAY!

Well I guess that sets the theme to my country-ish holiday season. In New England, I know. But soon visiting Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas, eeeha! (road trip, anyone?)

Best. Holiday. Album. Ever.

PS: soon a post about Dolly's legacy on big hair. LOVES IT.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Passing

**It's hard to return from vacation. It's harder to return from vacationing in a tropical country. Even harder when the place is filled with family and friends that never get tired to spoil you with delicious meals, awesome parties and tons of TLC. Now, it's practically impossible to leave that wonderland to get back on track with work, routine and yes, WINTER. New England Winter. Not that I do not enjoy the time of the year -- it's my second favorite after the Fall. It's just the change of scenario that makes adaptation a lil' bit more complicated. But there's always a way out, isn't there?

In my case, the solution to missing Brazil/winter depression is based on my calendar. Going to the gym also helps, but basically, if I have all sorts of fun stuff scheduled around the clock during the freezing months, I'm ready to go.
Luckily, my friends are no different. When they're not joining my bandwagon, they're coming up with awesome events and small gatherings to drink the low temperatures away.

So we planned a visit to the woman who's now one of our biggest style icons (along with Lady GaGa, obviously): Iris Apfel. The Peabody Essex Museum is hosting the exhibit that takes you on a wild ride through her amazing wardrobe. Insane coats, dresses, jewelry and (yes!) shoes are divided into five separate rooms, and tell a lot about someone who was never afraid to take risks and express her personality and beliefs via fashion. My friend Amy was able to sneak her camera in and take some cool photos, but I got caught right when I tried to snap a shot of Iris' badass leather studded jacket. Too bad. Karen O would be jealous.

**In other related news, I've decided to shake up my holiday decoration with some DIY. Anthropologie's visual team has inspired me to gather friends at home for a cool workshop and try to make our houses look like their AWESOME windows (the outfits can go straight to our closets, thanks):

December 6th, bring ideas and supplies.

**Last but not least, if you're a Fashion Blogger in the Boston area, you should be at least a little curious about this:

Soon, more info at Punky Style, New Brahmin and Jen Loves Kev.

**Next up: battling the winter blues with sewing classes and a roller derby team. I will survive, people.

PS: This post's title is a homage to one of my favorite winter movies of all time. Winter Passing, with my idol (and fashion icon) Zooey Deschanel, tells the story of a girl that returns home to face not only the freezing days of snow, but also family drama and Will Ferrell wearing eyeliner. Netflix Winter Queue!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Faith No More no Rio

Não dá pra escrever com bom julgamento de um show que eu espero há 11 anos.
Na hora que ele acontece, a gente perde o senso crítico.

Quem já viu 1 milhão de shows do Faith no More em youtube, DVD, alguns ao vivo e outros do Mike Patton com outros projetos percebe que as coisas não são as mesma de antes, como era de se esperar.
Não existem mais surpresas tão absurdas do Mike Patton como jogar xixi na própria cabeça e afins. As bizarrices da fase 2.0 do Faith No More são mais controladas.
Ele mudou muito. Hoje ele tem um sarcasmo e cinismo maior. Uma total noção do quanto hipnotiza a platéia. Do que funciona. Também tem uma voz mais potente, grave e absurdamente versátil. E tem 40 anos.

Patton e Faith No More tem mais consciência e controle. Mas isso não faze o show ser pior. Não tem mais grandes loucuras mas tem as surpresas 'normais'. Versão lounge de Midlife Crisis, Evidence inteira em português dedicada a locutora de aeroporto que Mike ouviu no Brasil em meados dos anos 90 (na época ele falou que se apaixonou por uma voz tão doce as 6h da manhã e sampleou a voz dela para uma musica), Mike no ombro do segurança...

A sensação é que agora o Faith No More sabe o que está fazendo ali, o porque e o poder que tem sobre as pessoas. A gente ali em baixo também sabe. E isso só faz a gente ficar mais cúmplice.

A noite que espero há 11 anos foi mais ou menos assim.

Fotos do show aqui no flickr
Meus outros Vídeos aqui
Post do show do Mike Patton com Hazel em 2009 aqui e aqui