Tuesday, December 08, 2009

self-taught learner

the Polaroid shot displays what was probably my first encounter with
Daisy, Mickey, Donald, grandma's blush and red lipstick.

I love tutorials.

Make-up tutorials, hairdo tutorials, jewelry/holiday ornament tutorials.

I wouldn't say I'm skilled, but definitely persistent. And I have a passion for beauty products and tricks. Combine both and you have a person who grew up teaching herself how to do her own nails, cut her own hair (from basic bangs to insane layered-styles) and give herself the infamous smoky eyes.

Every now and then I will check out my favorite beauty websites and YouTube channels to try and learn some of the styles I see girls wearing on fashion magazines.

Here are a few of my favorite teachers:

Julia Petit
is a Brazilian fashion icon, and I simply adore her. In one of her latest hairdo tutorials, she teaches us how to get the side-swept beachy effect on your hair. Perfect for a night out, it's all the smart Brazilian girls have been wearing lately. Beautiful!

Marina Smith writes for Julia's website. She's the make-up guru and posts weekly tutorials (available for download in PDF format at her own blog). Her focus is mainly on eye make-up and colorful effects, and they're all really pretty.

photo source: Petiscos

*Though both websites are in Portuguese, all you need is to pay attention to the photos/video steps ;)

When it comes to retro hairdos, there's only one girl I will listen to: Strawberry Koi's Aya. Her YouTube channel is the place to go for 1940's bangs, curls and poofs. I blame her for my addiction to the Bumpit. Though they were not around back in the day, the cheesy tool does make the job easier.

I love her how-to on the beehive:

As far as more modern, borderline exaggerated make-up goes, Kandee Johnson is who knows it all. I like how she will give you a pop culture icon as a reference for each tutorial result. She is super nice too, which helps you feel like it's ok if you mess it up, say, a THOUSAND times before getting anything right.

Here's the 'Kim Kardashian' look, which doesn't necessarily apply to all events you'll attend, but sure is glam:

Hair and make-up aside, I do feel as though Boston girls don't have the same obsession as we Sao Paulo gals do: nails! nail polish! manicures! pedicures! Not that in Boston no one cares about it, but like I said, it's not a crazy obsession -- hey, correct me if I'm wrong, that's what the comment area is for! :)

Photo source: Unha Bonita

My favorite 'nail blog' is Unha Bonita ("Pretty Nails"). Those girls really know their business and will inspire you to get yours done anytime. You don't even need to feel like reading or understand Portuguese.. the photos they post of all colors, recently-manicured hands and different mixtures of tendencies will do the magic. Trust me.

I wish good luck to all girls out there who, in mid-recession, brave through hours of self-embarrassment in front of the mirror in order to achieve beauty skill perfection!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! <3>


Pi said...

To gostando muito da idéia de publicar o texto em ingles... assim da para dar uma treinadinha no ingles enferrujado! :)

Maria Tereza Bakhita said...

A maquiagem não pode aparecer. Ela deve corrigir os errinhos e realçar o que há de bonito, sempre muito leve. O pior da maquiagem "carregada" é o cheiro de mulher maquiada. Quanto mais natural, mais bem feita será a maquiagem, deixando espaço para o perfume da sua preferência.

Anonymous said...

I love that red! now I know me and you are obsessed with nail polishes haha
So nice meeting you the other day! You are such a sweetheart!