Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...and a Happy New Year!

While making notes / researching some of the awesome (and not so awesome) stuff that went by our lives in '09 for a New Years post, I came across this guy's version of one of TWM's favorite songs from this past year.

Since I may never actually work on such entry, I thought I'd leave you with my buddy here, and a few conclusions (if not resolutions):

- Pursue whatever it is you're looking for, and find the ambition / inspiration to follow it until the mission is complete (even if you have to play four different characters on your own awesome video because none of your friends would agree to participate in it).

- Karen O is the boss, and when she tells you to 'get your leather on', you better listen to it. It is, after all, for your own good.

- No matter what they say, singing along (out LOUD) to 'Zero' at the hippest festival in California with your friends will not make you uncool.

All in all, we truly wish all of you can be as happy as this dude.

If you're not sure you got there in 2009, we hope you will find your own black monogram-studded leather jacket and rock the sh*t our of 2010.

Feliz Ano Novo! <3



Anonymous said...

So love this band! and what an awesome cover haha

Bazzan said...

vou tentar nem que for uma jaquetinha jeans