Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boston Fashion Blogger Mixer

Quick post (since I'm the last one registering the most fun event of last weekend).

Thank you Amy, Liana, and Jen for hosting the first Fashion Blogger Mixer at Luna Boston!

I believe I speak for all us girls who got to meet each other, have delicious drinks and exchange information and tips on fashion, career and life in general. Our parties and Clothing Swaps should get a bit more fun from now on, huh? :)

I'm updating our blogroll, my Google Reader and Twitter account to follow the steps of these awesome local ladies:

Crisis in Denim
Dama Design
Daucus Carota
Give Me Platforms
Orchid Grey
Pretty Inovative
The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire
The Good Girls Gone Blog
Wily Wiley

The official photos by Adam, Kev and some of us bloggers are up on Flickr.

Cassie posted a nice review of that afternoon, worth checking out as well.

Moving on to what really matters: fashion! My picks are here:

Julie's entire outfit:

Amy's GaGa-esque big shoulders (along with Cassie's Balmain-like ones):

Lei Ann's pretty full-skirted dress (yeah, I'm accidentally in the bg):

's make-up, nails and tights:

and last, but not least..

Sarah's sequins:

hope to see you girls around town soon!


Orchid Grey said...

hey! great meeting you, hopefully we can all see each other again soon! I'll be updating my blog roll this weekend so I'll keep you posted!

Punky said...


MissNeira said...

It was so much fun! Now we need to get our makeup and nails done together! haha

SK said...

I really wanted to go but finals got in the way...

Everyone looks fabulous! Thanks for the Boston-based blogger update. I only know 1 in that list! Glad to have new blogs to read!