Saturday, August 29, 2009

Falling (pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-paa)

Who am I kidding when I say I look forward to the summer? Sure ice cream and beach days are nice -- for a while. Come August, the humidity and abusive heat kick my electric bill to new heights (hello, central air!). Ugh.

Truth be told, I long for September. My favorite month of the year couldn't last as much as I would like it to. Pleasant weather, returning TV series (nevermind It Girls, Nylon's best is September's TV issue, didn't you know?), and yes oh yes, Fall Fashion predictions! This year presents some misleading trends, or is it just me? At the same time that girls are going gaga for Alexa Chung, my taste doesn't seem to get in touch with her style. Pretty yes, great taste, also. Just not my thing, if you know what I mean.

Mixing a little throwback spice with a modern edge, here are my picks for the Fall (if I had time and patience, I would love to transform it into a pretty mood board from Polyvore, but today is just not the day, sor-ray!).

handmade silk necklace (limited edition!) at Anthro

known as the 'Joan dress' (MadManiacs would guess) at Mod Cloth

Peachy-peach Betty Draper-inspired nails!

J. Brand skinny jeans - the plus here is the zipper on the ankles

vintage hairdos! I learned the how-to, you can too!

studded tights from Free People - kickass.

in love with this dress from Sunday Brunch Dress

Anthro's cutest coat

The Row leather (not plastic!!!) leggings are already a legend at The Improper's editorial department. The price, not so much.

Free People's cute peep toes (love the tights too!)

stuff at Mod Cloth don't seem to be top quality, but sure are adorable.

ps: props for all the Ben Kweller fans who
got the song behind my choice of post title :)

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