Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pretty On The Outside

If there is one fact that will forever mark 2010 for me is that this is the year I officially started using anti-aging facial moisturizer. While most ads and people say that you should really start using anti-wrinkle creams at 25, I held on for a couple of years.

I am pretty lucky with my skin and hair, and never needed to go to the dermatologist for acne treatments or anything serious. While that's a good thing, it also means I have no clue of what products are good for my skin type - from sunscreen to foundation. To make matters worse, I also decided not to go tanning ever again (sorry, Snooki), and absolutely rely on make-up to look, uh, normal during these winter months.

Beauty blogs and websites have been helpful and I'm learning as I go. My top favorite is Dia de Beaute, which is written in Portuguese. Victoria, the girl behind the blog, is a down-to-earth make-up addict that not only is on top of cool beauty trends, but translates them in a very realistic way, making it all sound real easy.

As usual, I will go ahead and post an awesome video in a language some of you may not understand, but again - it's a make-up tutorial video.. follow the images :)

Here, Victoria shows us how to make a SUPER QUICK messy black eye style. I personally think this rocks, and have already tried it myself. The main message to be translated here is: try not to make it look even, or "right". It's a punk-rock look, almost :)

On the downside, I have yet to find an English-spoken blog to help me with beauty/skin issues. Boston, is there anyone out there?

As far as make-up goes, I feel more confident about my own skills. For our NYE party, I ended up canceling my MAC appointment and loved the result I achieved by myself, in front of the mirror. If I wasn't camera-shy I would risk some tutorials here and there. Who knows, one day?

Thanks to many Sephora gift cards and many, many awesome tips from bloggers out there, I was able to go beauty-shopping and have a few cool products to recommend:

After months of using concealer to give my lips a nude look, I finally decided to go traditional and got myself Revlon's Nude Attitude. I had never tried the brand before and loved it! Thank you, CVS!

Every single make-up artist, on and offline, swears by Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I was happy to find out that the product now comes in a different color - Sin, a champagne shimmer. The sales associate recommended wearing it even when I'm not planning on applying any eyeshadow at all, just to guarantee that glow on my lids. <3

Okay, so this was a NYE purchase. It's not like I go to work with fake eyelashes on, but it's also true that I would if people wouldn't think I'm weird. I heart big lashes, just like Dolly, and my grandma Juanita :)
These are from Sephora, and come with the infamous glue.
Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara has been my favorite for two years now, so I had to go back for some more. I do still love and support Maybelline, though. Despite their low prices, there are no other mascaras like theirs in the market. With the exception of the Big Fatty one. Which also makes fake lashes look AMAZING.
My first red lipstick, or at least the first real one. I'm still not 100% adjusted to how high maintenance red lips can be, but I sure am in love with it. I am glad I bought Viva Glam I instead of MAC's Russian Red, which I considered for a few seconds. The darker tone matches my olive skin and isn't that bold. Or is it?

This is also a first. MAC's Humid eyeshadow, a shimmery green, now lies in my make-up bag and have yet to make its debut on my eyelids. I need to go all out and NOT top it with smoky black eyeshadow, to honor its (green) purposes.

Changing lanes. Like I said before, I never had to really take care of my hair's health. Pantene always worked for me, and all was well. Until I decided to allow a Brazilian hairstylist dye the bottom of my locks a lighter color. All hell broke loose, and I learned what frizzy, dried hair meant. Then someone introduced me to Mr. Paul Mitchell, and his conditioner. Christmas miracle right here! LOVE. IT.
Is this blog speaking nail polish again? YES, YES WE ARE!

My latest purchases in the Sephora by OPI world (because that Christmas wishlist post totally worked and I got TONS of it):

I embarked head first on the glittery trend and got both Worth My Weight, the gold one above, and 212 Sephora, a mix of all glittery colors on a black polish.

* until my next dermatologist appointment (in a MONTH! gee, thanks Dr.), I've been relying on a 25-SPF anti-aging Neutrogena facial moisturizer, which is good, but sometimes makes my skin feel a bit too sensitive around the eyes. Ugh, help!


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