Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sao Paulo Vintage

Today I was lucky to come across one of Sao Paulo´s most famous vintage stores almost by accident. I had plans to try and visit some of them, but definitely not on a rainy Saturday morning, after only 3 hours of sleep. The effort to keep myself awake was totally paid off and the place I ended up at was so amazing I didn´t even feel tired anymore.

Minha Vo Tinha* is a 15-year-old vintage shop in a traditional neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Perdizes. In an old little house, full of different levels and stairways, there are treasures that would drive any of you insane. I spent an hour there, and still felt like I could´ve seen much more. With proper authorization, I was able to take many pictures and roam around for a while. I went back home with jewelry and a clock from the 1940´s. The Polaroid cameras were not for sale -- the store rents memorabilia for film production companies too. That´s how good their stuff is, and how much of it they have.

Here´s my little album. I hope you can tell how absolutely wonderful this shop was just by looking at the photos. Worth a visit when you´re in the city (it´s a shame I've never been there before, I know).

*The store´s website is under construction, but there are many reviews and features on it around the internet. Like this onethis one and this one here. All in Portuguese, sorry English-speaking readers :( I can offer my translation services anytime!

vintage fur zone

their bathroom, how pretty?

blowdryers were always a must!

Minha Avó Tinha
Rua Dr. Franco da Rocha, 74, Perdizes, São Paulo

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Gaía said...

morava na esquina. melhor brechó de sp e inspiração para b.luxos e juisys de hoje. boa dica, thais!