Thursday, July 06, 2006

I just came back from watching "Devil Wears Prada".
Let's skip the part I compare it with the book I read a couple of years ago, or how I loved it. Let's also jump the part where I tell you guys that it really was a great movie, that the characters couldn't be played by any other actors, and yes, that Patricia Fields is my fashion idol of the 00's.
Let's go straight to the line where I tell you why I felt a bit inspired when I left the theater this afternoon. No, not talking about clothes, skinny models, mean but succesfull bosses, nice gurus, or even New York or Paris.
A good friend always said that living is sometimes givin up your own ideal of success, or love, or self-rules. And it really bothers you to do that. You'll probably feel bad, rethink your life a thousand times, until you stop and figure out whatever it is you've been following. And that's what I've been doing for a while now, and even if it sounds a little naive, that movie helped me trusting my instincts.
My advise? Do the same, even if breaking your ideals isn't exactly working for Anna Wintour or Vogue Magazine.


Anonymous said...

With a cup of coffee, Juliana says: Awaiting anxious to watch this picture in Brazil! By the way, when will it be here? Anyone knows? Hope soon...

Dany said...

li o livro em 2 dias...nao vejo a hora de ver o filme, mas acho q aqui na europa ainda demora um pouquinho. bjos!

fernanda said...

can't wait

Anonymous said...

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